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Anastasia A.  Schegoleva

Anastasia A. Schegoleva

Anastasia A. Shchegoleva, Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of Biology of Tumor Progression, Cancer Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Tomsk, Russia


Phone: +7 903 954 85 93


Short CV

In 2016, she graduated from the bachelor's program at the Biological Institute of Tomsk State University (Department of Human and Animal Physiology). In 2018, she graduated from the magistracy at the Chemistry Department of Tomsk State University (Autonomous master's program “Translational chemical and biomedical technologies”). She has been working at the Cancer Research Institute since 2018, at the beginning as a laboratory assistant, then since 2019 as a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Tumor Progression Biology.She is also a graduate student at the Department of Cytology and Genetics, Tomsk State University.

Scientific interests

Her main interests are related to the search for somatic mutations associated with metastasis and recurrence of non-small cell lung cancer. In addition, the research interests include studying the molecular mechanisms of the progression of precancerous lesions preceding squamous cell lung cancer.

Achievements, awards, grants

A.A. Shchegoleva is the executor of several grant projects, in particular, RFBR projects 17-29-06002 " Molecular markers of the progression / inhibition of morphological changes in bronchial epithelium to predict pre-tumor process and the risk of developing squamous cell lung cancer "(2017-2020) and 18-29-09046" Ethnic-specific mutations of breast cancer susceptibility in the indigenous population of Siberia and the Russian Far East, "and RSF 19-75-30016 “A new technology for predicting and preventing distant metastasis based on the detection of circulating metastasis-initiating and niche-forming cells and their specific targets”.


1.       Denisov E.V., Schegoleva A.A., Gervas P.A., Ponomaryova A.A., Tashireva L.A., Boyarko V.V., Bukreeva E.B., Pankova O.V., Perelmuter V.M. Premalignant lesions of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung: The molecular make-up and factors affecting their progression. Lung Cancer 2019;135:21-28.

2.       Denisov E.V., Schegoleva A.A., Gerashchenko T.S., Skryabin N.A., Sleptcov A.A., Yakushina V.D., Lyapunova L.S., Tuzikov S.A., Pankova O.V., Perelmuter V.M. Gene expression profiling revealed 2 types of bronchial basal cell hyperplasia and squamous metaplasia with different progression potentials. AIMM 2019; doi: 10.1097/PAI.0000000000000762.