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Zolotaryova Sofia Yurievna

Zolotaryova Sofia Yurievna

 Junior Researcher, Laboratory of Cancer Progression Biology, Cancer Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center.

Contact Information


tel .: +7 913 843 2123


In 2019 she got Bachelor's degree at the Biological Institute of Tomsk State University (Department of Cytology and Genetics). She has been working at the Research Institute of Oncology since 2018 - as a research laboratory assistant, since 2019 - as a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Cancer Progression Biology. She is a master's student at the Faculty of Chemistry of Tomsk State University (Autonomous Master's program "Translational Chemical and Biomedical Technologies").

Scientific interests

Her main research interests are related to the search for new molecular markers of tumor progression in breast cancer using a model of intratumoral morphological heterogeneity, as well as using bioinformatic methods for analyzing transcriptomic sequencing and sequencing of single cells to search for metastatic and niche-forming populations of circulating tumor cells.

Achievements, awards, grants

S.Yu. Zolotaryova is the executor of several grant projects, in particular - projects of the Russian Science Foundation No. 19-75-30016 "New technology for predicting and preventing distant metastasis based on the detection of circulating metastases-initiating and niche-forming cells and their specific targets" and the Russian Science Foundation No. 20-75-10033 "Tumor microenvironment is a factor that determines the outcome of immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors ", as well as RNF No. 14-15-00350 "Molecular mechanisms of action of regulatory proteins of M2 macrophages on the tumor microenvironment formation and on tumor progression "(2018).

Main publications

1.       Novikov N.M., Zolotaryova S.Y., Gautreau A.M., Denisov E.V. Mutational drivers of cancer cell migration and invasion // British Journal of Cancer - 2021. - Vol. 124, no. 1. - P. 102-114.

2.      Gerashchenko T.S., Zolotaryova S.Y., Kiselev A.M., Tashireva L.A., Novikov N.M., Krakhmal N.V., Cherdyntseva N.V., Zavyalova M.V., Perelmuter V.M., Denisov E.V. The activity of KIF14, MIEAP, and EZR in a new type of the invasive component, torpedo-like structures, predetermines the metastatic potential of breast cancer // Cancers - 2020. - Vol. 12, no. 7. - P. 1-17.

3.      Gerashchenko T.S., Novikov N.M., Krakhmal N.V., Zolotaryova S.Y., Zavyalova M.V., Cherdyntseva N.V., Denisov E.V., Perelmuter V.M. Markers of Cancer Cell Invasion: Are They Good Enough? // Journal of Clinical Medicine - 2019. - Vol. 8, No. 8. - P. 1092.