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Sergej A. Afanas'ev

Sergej A. Afanas'ev

Sergej A. Afanas'ev, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., professor, Head of the laboratory of molecular-cellular pathology and gene diagnostics of Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center.

Contact details

tel.: +7 (3822) 44 05 11

Brief Biography

After graduating from the Biomedical Faculty of the Tomsk Medical University he worked as a research assistant in the cardiac metabolism laboratory of the Siberian Branch All-Union Cardiology Research Center, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Later he worked as a senior research officer and a leading research worker.

In 1987 he defended doctoral thesis titled “Effect of Calmodulin Inhibitors Phenothiazine Type on Contractile Function of the Myocardium” for an academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. In 1998 he defended doctoral thesis titled "Pathogenesis and Correction of Violations of Inotropic Function of Isolated Myocardium with Ischemic Heart Disease and Acute Ischemia in the Experiment." for an academic degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. Since 2002 he has been the head of molecular-cellular pathology and gene diagnostics laboratory.

By the decision of higher attestation commission in 1990 he was conferred the title of a senior research officer; in 2008 he was awarded the title of professor.

Research Interests

Primary research interests of S. A.  Afanas'ev are connected with the development of fundamental aspects formation and age specificity of morphofunctional changes development in myocardium in heart failure; aspects of organization of electromechanical interlinking in the cells of the heart muscle; state of the energy metabolism of cardiomyocytes; research of perspective pharmacological aims and approaches for the treatment of heart failure.

S. A.  Afanas'ev is an author of 335 research works (186 articles) and 21 certificates of authorship and patents.

Achievements, awards, and grants 

S. A.  Afanas`ev made a considerable contribution to the disclosure of the sarcoplasmic reticulum role and activities connected with its intracellular regulatory systems in the definition of a cardiomyocytes remodeling orientation and forming of a cardiac insufficiency. The role of a sarcoplasmic reticulum was analyzed from the position of cardioprotection, antiarrhythmic therapy and intracellular regeneration. Possible genetic determinancy of direction of changes in sarcoplasmic reticulum in cardiovascular pathologies was noted. He is developing a concept called: sarcoplasmic reticulum of cardiomyocyte which is the new pharmacological target.

S. A.  Afanas`ev was an initiator of research aimed at exposure of participation of involuntary nervous system and an age factor in the development of cardiac insufficiency and also forming of theoretical foundation for prophylaxis and treatment of pathologies in elderly and senile age. The complex of research works on developing of approaches allowing to usage of cellular technologies and bioengineering approach in treatment of cardiovascular pathologies were developed under his leadership.

7 candidate's theses were defended under the supervision of S. A.  Afanas`ev.

S. A.  Afanas`ev is a member of the “Siberian Medical Journal” editorial board.

For his longstanding and productive work, S. A. Afanas`ev  was rewarded with anniversary medal “400 years of the city of Tomsk”, medal of Cardiology Research Institute "For the contribution to the development of cardiology in Siberia”, the Certificate of the Merit of Russian Academy of Sciences.