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Viktor F. Mordovin

Viktor F. Mordovin

Viktor F. Mordovin, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor, Head of the Arterial Hypertension Department, Cardiology Research Institute.

Contact details

tel.: +7 (3822) 55 81 22

Brief Biography

V. F. Mordovin graduated with honors from the Department Of General Medicine, Siberian State Medical University. Later he finished internship in the microbiology department. Since 1980 he worked as a senior research worker in The Atherosclerosis and Ischemic Heart Disease Department of Cardiology Research Institute. In 1990 he was elected as a leading research worker in The Atherosclerosis and Ischemic Heart Disease Department. Since 1993 he has been working as the head of Arterial Hypertension Department.

In 1978 he defended doctoral thesis titled "Influence of Immunization with Bacterial and Viral Antigens on the Endocrine System” for an academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.

In 1991 he defended doctoral thesis titled "Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease in Women" for an academic degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

In 1994 He was awarded an academic title of Professor.

Research Interests

V. F. Mordovin research interest are connected with the development of new methods of diagnosis of pathological changes in the heart and brain in patients with arterial hypertension and creation of new methods of hypertensive and organoprotective treatment of patients with this disease.

Achievements, awards, and grants 

V. F. Mordovin has made a significant contribution to the studying of formation mechanisms of pathological changes in target organs in patients with arterial hypertension. New methods of diagnosis of microvascular form of coronary pathology and chronic hypertensive encephalopathy were developed under his leadership. For the first time, the possibility of a significant reduction in the intensity signs of cerebral vascular pathology under the influence of differentiated antihypertensive therapy has been demonstrated. New methods of therapy carrying out with definition of efficiency by means of a complex of dopplerographic and ray methods of research were developed. For the correction of blood pressure in patients with arterial hypertension resistant to drug therapy, the use of high-tech endovascular methods of treatment was suggested. A new method of renal denervation performing was developed. The organoprotective effects of renal denervation in patients with resistant form of hypertension based on the study of the long-term results of the intervention have been studied for the first time.

Under the leadership of V. F. Mordovin 2 Doctoral and 15 Candidate`s theses were defended.