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Alexey A. Zarubin

Alexey A. Zarubin

Alexey A. Zarubin, Laboratory researcher of the Evolutionary Genetics Laboratory, Postgraduate Student of the Population Genetics Laboratory of the Research Institute of Medical Genetics of Tomsk NRMC.

Brief Biography

A. Zarubin was born in 1994. In 2018 he graduated with honors from the Siberian State Medical University, the Medical and Biological Faculty. Since 2017 he has been working as a laboratory researcher in the laboratory of evolutionary genetics. Since 2018 a graduate student in the laboratory of population genetics.

Research Interests

Research interests include bioinformation processing and analysis of genomic and post-genomic data; multi-Omix studies of humans in the context of multifactorial diseases; questions of DNA identification of an individual; analysis and interpretation of mass parallel sequencing data.

Achievements, awards, and grants

A. Zarubin takes an active part in scientific research supported by Russian scientific foundations: the Russian Science Foundation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. A. Zarubin participates in several researches that study the role of epigenetic factors (DNA methylation, microRNA) in the development and complication of atherosclerosis; evolutionary genetics of obesity; development of innovative genogeographic and genomic identification technologies, and others.

Main Publications

  1. A. Zarubin, A. Markov, D. Sharysh, O. Barbarash, M. Nazarenko, V. Puzyrev. Accounting leukocyte infiltration in genome-wide DNA methylation studies of atherosclerotic plaque // Atherosclerosis. 2018. V. 275. P e190.

  2. A. Markov, A. Kucher, I. Koroleva, D. Sharysh, A. Zarubin, A. Kazantsev, O. Barbarash, M. Nazarenko. DNA methylation profiling within microRNA genes in atherosclerotic plaque destabilization // Atherosclerosis. 2018. V. 275. P e188-e189

  3. A. Zarubin, A. Markov, V. Stepanov, V. Kharkov. Search for a hidden structure in genomic data based on a compressing autoencoder The Eleventh International Conference (20–25 Aug. 2018, Novosibirsk, Russia); Abstracts / Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences; Novosibirsk State University. – Novosibirsk: ICG SB RAS, 2018. – P. 94.

  4. A. Markov, A. Zarubin, M. Nazarenko, A. Kucher, I. Koroleva, D. Sharysh, A. Kazantsev, O. Barbarash, V. Puzyrev. DNA methylation and expression of microRNA genes in unstable carotid atherosclerotic plaques // Systems Biology and Biomedicine (SBioMed-2018) : Symposium (21–22 Aug. 2018, Novosibirsk, Russia); Abstracts. P. 88.