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Vadim A. Stepanov

Vadim A. Stepanov

Vadim A. Stepanov, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Director of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center, the Head of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics.

Contact details

Phone: +7(3822)51-22-28
Fax: 8(3822) 51-37-44

Brief Biography

Vadim Anatolyevich Stepanov was graduated from the Tomsk State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science/ with a degree in Biology in 1988. In 1989 he was appointed to the position of a junior researcher at the Research Institute of Medical Genetics SB RAS, then he was named to the post of a researcher, and a senior scientific worker after PhD defence in 1995.
During 15 years (from 2000 till 2015) Prof. Stepanov had been holding positions of the Deputy Director of Research and the Head of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics. He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2001. From 2003 till now Vadim Anatolyevich has been working as a Professor of the Department of Cytology and Genetics. He organized a Laboratory of Human Ontogenetics in Tomsk State University in 2014 and still has been leading it. He acquired the title of Professor in 2010. Vadim Anatolyevich Stepanov was elected as the Director of the Research Institute of Medical Genetics of TNRMC in 2016. At the present time he is the Director of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center.

Research Interests

V.A. Stepanov is an author of more than 400 published works, including 13 monographs. He has held 5 patents for an invention. Two doctor’s and thirteen PhD theses were defended under his direction.
The major scientific studies of Prof. Stepanov are related to fundamental research and applications in a field of human populations genetics, genomics and genetics of common diseases and personalized medicine. Under the guidance of V.A. Stepanov, the investigation of cardiovascular diseases genes has been performed and led to the identification of genome variants associated with the Russian population susceptibility to ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis.
Based on these studies, genetic algorithms and microarray tests have been designed for estimation the risk of certain common diseases developing. In the exploration of human population genetics V.A. Stepanov has carried out the genetic reconstruction of Eurasia territory settlement by Modern Human and genetic diversity in Russian populations.
For the first time in Russia, V.A. Stepanov’s research team has used genetic marker system for population genetics studies. Particularly, the first Russian large-scale population study of the diversity of genetic markers using in forensic science has been conducted. Based on the results of these investigations, a database of Russia and bordering countries population has been created for the aims of DNA identification.

Achievements, awards, and grants

The results of studies led by V.A. Stepanov have been realized in the creation of several databases of forensic science data and genetic test systems and algorithms for estimation of common diseases developing risk, which have been implemented in the Genetic clinic and a number of other organizations.
Guided by V.A. Stepanov studies have been supported by the large number of grants and government contracts, including the Federal Targeted Programme "Research and Development in Priority Development Directions of the Russian Technology Complex", Federal Targeted Programme "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia", RFBR and Russian Foundation for Humanities grants, grants of the President of the Russian Federation, EU Seventh Framework Programme, etc.
The achievements of V.A. Stepanov have been marked with the number of prizes and awards, including the second-class medal of the Order of "Merit for the Motherland", commemorative medal "70 Years / Seventieth anniversary of Tomsk Region", prize and medal of the RAMS Presidium in 2002 in the field of fundamental medical studies. V.A. Stepanov was awarded the prize of the Interagency Coordination Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology Policy of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences for the best work in a field of "Life sciences and biotechnology", which was performed under the State science and technology programme "Human Genome".
Prof. Stepanov has won the Tomsk Region Prize in the area of education and science in the nomination "Awards to scientific workers and teachers for significant individual contribution to science developing". He was rewarded with Certificates of Merit of the Tomsk Region Governor, the Legislative Chamber of the Great Khural of the Tyva Republic, the Presidium of the SB RAMS, the Rector Council of Tomsk Region Universities, and letter of acknowledgement of the Novosibirsk department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.
V.A. Stepanov carries out significant organizational work. He is a chairman of the Academic Council of the Research Institute of Medical Genetics; a chairman of the joint Academic Council of SB RAS for Medical Sciences; a member of the Academic Council of TNRMC and the vice-head of Dissertation Council (DM.002.279.04) at the TNRMC. Prof. Stepanov is the Deputy Chairman of the Issue Commission "Medical Genetics" of the Interdepartmental Scientific Council for the medical problem of Siberia, Russian Far East and High North.
V.A. Stepanov is a member of organizing committees of conferences, a chairman of sections on Russian scientific forums, an editor of research papers collections and a number of scientific journals (Medical Genetics; The Bulletin of Tomsk State University. Biology; The Vavilov’s Society of Geneticists and Breeders Journal.
V.A. Stepanov is a member of the Vavilov’s Society of Geneticists and Breeders (VSGB), the Russian Society of Medical Genetics, the International Society of Human Genome Research, the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG). Prof. Stepanov is a member of RFBR Expert Council for "Biology" section, an expert of RAS, RSF and an expert and reviewer of international scientific journals.

Main Publications

The interaction effect of angiogenesis and endothelial dysfunction-related gene variants increases the susceptibility of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Trifonova EA, Swarovskaya MG, Ganzha OA, Voronkova OV, Gabidulina TV, Stepanov VA.

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Opening up new horizons for psychiatric genetics in the Russian Federation: moving toward a national consortium.

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Mol Psychiatry. 2019 Jan 21. doi: 10.1038/s41380-019-0354-z. [Epub ahead of print] Review.

A comprehensive study revealed SNP-SNP interactions and a sex-dependent relationship between polymorphisms of the CYP2J2 gene and hypertension risk.

Polonikov AV, Ponomarenko IV, Bykanova MA, Sirotina SS, Bocharova AV, Vagaytseva KV, Stepanov VA, Azarova IE, Churnosov MI, Solodilova MA.

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[A rare variant in the sortilin-related receptor 1 gene is associated with declined cognitive functions in the elderly].

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[Detection of novel genetic markers of susceptibility to preeclampsia based on an analysis of the regulatory genes in the placental tissue].

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