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Vladimir I. Chernov

Vladimir I. Chernov

Vladimir I. Chernov, MD, PhD, Professor, Deputy Director for Science and Innovation, Head of Nuclear Medicine Department, Cancer Research Institute, Tomsk National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk, Russia.

Contact information

tel.: +7 (3822) 42-62-84
fax: +7 (3822) 41-80-60

Brief Biography

After graduating from Tomsk State Medical Institute in 1985, Vladimir I. Chernov was employed at the Cardiology Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences as a physician-radiologist, and later he held the position of senior research fellow. In 1998, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis for DSc degree and became the Leading Researcher. In 2003, Vladimir I. Chernov was awarded the rank of Professor in discipline of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. In 2006, he was appointed as a Head of Nuclear Medicine Department, Cancer Research Institute.  In 2013, he was elected a Deputy Director for Science and Innovation of Cancer Research Institute. Since 2016, Prof. Chernov has been a Deputy Director for Science and Innovation of Tomsk National Research Medical Center. Since 2016, he has been a member of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.  

Research Interests

Vladimir I. Chernov is an author of more than 660 scientific publications, including the books titled “Myocardial Imaging in Nuclear Cardiology” and “Research Focus on Cognitive Disorders” (New York), National Guidelines for Nuclear Medicine, and 31 patents.  Under his supervision, 1 thesis for DSc degree and 15 dissertations for PhD degree were defended.  

His main research interests have been dealing with the study of nuclear imaging technologies in the field of oncology, cardiology and neurology. Prof. Chernov made a substantial contribution to the introduction of a number of new radiopharmaceuticals into clinical practice.  Among them, 199-thallium chloride (199Tl-chloride) is a unique radiopharmaceutical used in nuclear oncology and cardiology.  Vladimir I. Chernov took an active part in the trials of a new generation of technetium generators.

Awards and Grant

Much research has been devoted to the creation of an original radiopharmaceutical on the basis of gamma-alumina for the detection of sentinel lymph nodes. This radiopharmaceutical is 5 times more actively accumulated in the lymph nodes compared to foreign analogues. The patent titled "The method of obtaining a reagent for the preparation of technetium-labeled 99-m nanocolloid based on gamma-alumina" entered the "100 Best Inventions of Russia" for 2014.  

Prof. Chernov is a member of the working group of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the Federal Target Program "Development of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Russian Federation for the period to 2020 and beyond."

For high achievements in scientific and educational activities, Vladimir I. Chernov was awarded the Prize of European Academy for Young Scientists (1996), the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Healthcare (2004). He is a Laureate of Tomsk Region Award in the Field of Science and Healthcare (1998, 2002). He is a chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Interregional Society of Nuclear Medicine Physicians. He is a member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. He is a member of Dissertation Board of the Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC.

Being a worldwide renowned Russian oncologist, Prof. Chernov promotes achievements of his team abroad and regularly gives talks at symposia, conferences and meetings. 

Main Publications

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