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Cardiology Research Institute

Priority Research Areas

Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk NRMC is one of the largest and recognized scientific institutions in Russia in the field of cardiology, pediatric cardiology, interventional arrhythmology, and cardiovascular surgery.

Priority areas of scientific research of the institute:

— Performing integrated fundamental and applied studies complying with world trends and world level of science in regard to elucidating the mechanisms of onset and development of cardiovascular diseases and patterns of their progression in the regions of Siberia and Far East.
— The development of pharmaceutical and diagnostic agents, pilot samples of the devices, equipment for ensuring pharmaceutical and instrument safety of the country and import substitution.
— Development, testing, and implementation of the efficacious technologies for diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and comorbidities to decrease morbidity, disability, and mortality rates and to increase the efficacy of treatment and quality of life of patients.

Main indicators of research activities of Cardiology Research Institute

— Publications in the leading Russian and international scientific journals including those indexed in databases of Scopus and Web of Science.
— Results of research and development in the form of new technologies of cardiovascular prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation created in the institute and implemented to the work of medical institutions.
— Intellectual property: patents and certificates including those registered abroad.
— Scientific Monographs
— Multi-author books
— Rate of young investigators (younger than 39 years)
— Internal expenses for research and developments