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Tomsk Scientists Have Patented a New Organoprotection Technology in Cardiovascular Surgery

New technology, proposed by scientists from the Cardiology Research Institute of Tomsk NRMC, allows surgeons to minimize an internal injury during heart surgery. It is manifested by a reduced risk of surgical implications and a more favourable course...

Dear Participants!
At this point in time, we want to confirm that the SCS2020 workshop is still scheduled as planned. But we know that the situation with COVID-19 is constantly evolving and we are actively working on alternative arrangements in case the workshop...
The 4th International Cancer Symposium, October 2-4, 2019, Lyon, France
Evgeny Denisov, PhD, Head of the laboratory of Tumor Progression Biology of Cancer Research Institute, was invited to the 4th CRCL International Cancer Symposium, which took place on October 2-4, 2019 in Lyon, France. He presented a poster-teaser and oral ...
Tomsk hosted the 22nd Charles Heidelberg Symposium on Cancer Research
The Charles Heidelberger Symposium is held annually in different countries and gathers the most representative community of well-known oncologists of the world in the field of biomedicine. In Tomsk, this Symposium was held for the first time and was jointl...